WordPress Digital Hoarding

Website Slowdown: You’re a Hoarder Damn It! You Need Help

WordPress database optimization can help optimize page load time for your website. WordPress database bloat or in simple terms, unnecessary plugins & files, can cause some unwanted slow load times on your website. They say acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery. So my name is Lance Dockins and I am a […]
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3 Writing Tips That Can Increase Your Site’s Revenues

One of the most powerful results of the global shift to online business is that anyone can have platform to deliver their ideas to the masses. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to use that platform effectively. Online businesses have been hitting customers with lazy, disorganized walls of text for years. Customers have gotten so […]
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Website Slow Like Turtle

So Your WordPress Site Speed Sucks?

Trying to nail down the exact cause behind a slow WordPress site is usually a colossal pain in the ass. If you’ve ever tried, you know exactly what I mean. Step one for most people is to try every shotgun solution mentioned in the first top 10 article they find on the topic. Once that […]
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WooCommerce 2.4… Finally Fast Variations

If you’re a WooCommerce power user, one of the things you’ve probably come to hate by now is how slow it can be when handling lots of product variations.  The initial versions of WooCommerce weren’t even really intended for lots of variations so it’s no shock that it was slow when its popularity soared and everyone started […]
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13 No So Obvious Symptoms of a Slow WordPress Website

13 Less Than Obvious Symptoms of a Slow WordPress Website

One of the most common misconceptions about website speed is that the only symptom of a slow website is speed itself. Given that you can run a GT Metrix or Pingdom speed test report in about the time that it takes to load your WordPress website, it’s also not particularly difficult to diagnose and confirm […]
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