Average Speed Improvement for Advanced Optimized Sites: Over 100%

Why Speed Matters


Better Revenue

Site speed and reliability dictate how many visits you can get. Whether your site produces money through leads, online sales, or ad revenue, more visitors equals more money.

Decreased Abandonment

If you’ve ever had to wait in line at your local grocery store, you’ll understand why customers hate slow websites. Every second you shave off your load times can increase your conversions by up to 7%.

Lower Hosting Costs

Fast, efficient websites put less stress on their servers. Handling more customers without needing a server upgrade means less money spent on unnecessary upgrades to keep up with demand.

Fewer Random Problems

If you’ve ever dealt with phantom website problems, you know how an overloaded website can hurt business.  But if your site can handle handle more traffic with less effort, those problems disappear.

Lower Bounce Rate

Studies show that up to 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Once your site improves to a 3 second load speed, you can expect to keep that 40% on your site.

Better Security

A site that can handle more traffic can also better withstand a spam or DOS attack.  While you’ll still have hackers and spammers to deal with, your site will operate more smoothly when they attack.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Even a single-second delay (just 1 second more than the “perfect” 2 second speed), decreases customer satisfaction by 16% – the closer you are to that 2 second mark, the better your user experience.

Better Visitor Retention

79% of online shoppers say they are unlikely to revisit a slow website. If you have an e-commerce site, a few seconds of delay could mean a substantial loss of future revenue from repeat sales.

Better Search Ranking

Even Google favors fast sites in its search results (since April 2010). Improving your site speed improves site traffic, site ranking, conversion, and returning traffic – a marketer’s perfect storm.

The Cost of Slow

A one second speed delay is all it takes to drop your conversions by 7%. For sites that average only 100 sales per month at $100 per sale, that’s $753 in lost sales EVERY month.


Basic Optimization
$175Best for Personal Sites
Average Speed Improvement: Over 50%
Small Site Support
Core WordPress Housekeeping
Plugin Housekeeping
Basic Caching Configuration
Update Installation
Database & Junk Housekeeping
30-Day Warranty
Advanced Optimization
$375Best for Business Sites
Average Speed Improvement: Over 100%
Full “Standard Optimization”
WooCommerce Optimization
WordPress Config Optimization
Advanced Caching Configuration
Database + Query Optimization
Javascript & Image Optimization
30-Day Warranty
Total Optimization
$575For All the Speed You Can Get
Average Speed Improvement: Over 125%
Full “Advanced Optimization”
WooCommerce Optimization
Hosting Migration
CDN Implementation
Server Config Optimization
30-Day warranty

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